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Madeleine's Photo Journal 2014-2015

On this page, you will find regular updates on what's happening at Sefton Green Gym! Click on the links for more information or on any photos to expand.

2014 - 2015

The students at Hugh Baird College in Thornton are playing a HUGE role at Sefton Green Gym! So much has been accomplished, what a great group!


Teachers are so very committed and it is a real pleasure to be with all of you.


Each year a new group coming with different teachers. We will be putting in seeds and learning about sequential seeding as well as how to nourish the soil along with site maintenance like hoeing etc. we may even have some art classes when the new growth comes along!


Hugh Baird Thornton College now have the Green Gym in their curriculum which means a weekly commitment to the Green Gym. It is a real privilege to have these special needs students coming to us.


The students accomplish so much and with such good humour and energy.

Here we have students of Hugh Baird College hard at work!

We had a huge pile of wood chippings to spread around the site - done; three large bags needed sorting into burnable and compost - done, a new area in progress being dug over for potatoes, all pots sorted into sizes ready for seeds in the spring.

Hugh Baird College have built us a fence and side entrance gate. It really does make the entrance look smart. They also helped around the site with a number of heavy jobs.


In mid March the construction team are coming to relay the flags in the patio.


Hugh Baird Thornton college have readied raised beds for new crops, prepared a flower border for wild flowers, sieved soil and generally worked around the site.

The beehives were changed to these new ones and the honey production soared last summer. Here they are having a winter feed. Sadly one hive was empty as the bees had packed up and left but the others are fine.

Potato Preparation.

Just as well Toby is 6'4 he can reach the vine easily to cut back the stem ready for grapes this summer!

Vandals attack Queensway Allotments - 17th March 2015

Sometime on Tuesday night (17th March) thieves and vandals got over the fence and into Queensway Allotments, Waterloo. They broke into sheds on many of the plots, and when they got to the large Sefton Green Gym plot they smashed the doors on the two sheds there. Finding nothing they could steal to sell, the thieves then turned into vandals and set about slashing the two polytunnels. “The doors of the polytunnels were not locked” said David Jackson, Chairman of Sefton Green Gym, “so they could have just walked in – the damage was done just for the fun of it”. One of the polytunnels is wrecked and will have to have a new cover; the other will need extensive repairs. All this will cost nearly £1000 that the volunteers can ill afford, and delicate plants that need to be protected from frost may well perish before the weather gets warm.


The allotments are a great source of pleasure and recreation for the plot holders, and they bring all sorts of beneficial effects to the gardeners. Sefton Green gym has a separate area on the site, and is run for the benefit people who have no garden or cannot manage an allotment of their own, but still want to enjoy a bit of gardening. The members include a wide range of people, the elderly, younger people with special needs, and a regular group from Hugh Baird College’s Thornton site. They all get a great deal from the companionship and gentle exercise of gardening. This huge setback has been very upsetting for them all. If anyone could spare a few pounds to help with the repairs, they could pass it on by going to www.localgiving.com/charity/seftongreengym.


On the 25th of March, The Champion published this report written by Tom Martin:

Wonderful News!!!


Donations have flooded in from all over including the council and we have gone over £1300 and still counting!!! People were so outraged and wanted to help. Just wonderful.


It started on Friday with my friend donating £400 put on local giving it got £100 gift aid. This started a positive flood thank you Facebook and Twitter!


What an amazing week we've had! Undaunted by the vandalism done to our Polytunnel at Sefton Green Gym, Hugh Baird students came on Tuesday and completed more painting along with planting snowdrops and weeding.


Teacher Kay found the buried Stanley knife in a raised bed left to damage someone.


Thursday's group planted potatoes and got more seeds ready PLUS thanks to Facebook and Twitter generous donations have come in along with kind offer from Michael Roche councillor. We can go ahead and repair the Polytunnel. Also Mike Neary and Keith came with adhesive material and repaired temporarily some of the damage. Seeds sown for wild flowers too. So heartening!

Raised Beds Replaced 29th November 2016

What a day! The wind was awesome but thankfully the rain held off. We replaced the raised beds that were rotten. We had eight working Sunday 29 November. I think the pictures will show what it was like. Caroline got blown into a bed! It was quite an accomplishment and now the beds are ready for next year's planting.