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Elena Whitehead

I've been coming to the Green Gym since February 2011.


I relocated from Russia and I had a big garden there. Now I just have a small garden at home and I missed gardening.


In Russia people work together in public areas; I really like community relationships. For me it's not just about vegetables, it's about connecting with others.


Last year I grew my Russian cucumbers here.

I enjoy communicating. When I moved here I could not understand a lot of things but I am becoming more fluent now. I had to adapt a lot by moving here.


It was beautiful to join the Green Gym, I didn't realise how friendly people could be.


I also get involved in other volunteering work and worked on a special project helping migrant women to integrate in the UK.


Volunteers at the Green Gym are welcome and it's a great chance to meet new friends.

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