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I joined the Green Gym in May 2014.


My father had an allotment all his life and I have very happy memories of helping him when I was a child, not to mention the wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables the family and neighbours enjoyed all year round.


I had just returned from working overseas and was interested in joining a community allotment. The idea of sharing the load and growing your own fruit and vegetables really appealed to me. The Community Volunteer Service gave me Madeleine's contact details and I started coming every Thursday.  


There is a real community atmosphere at the Green Gym, interesting people to talk to and social events to take part in.  

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Not only do we benefit from the toils of our labour by being able to pick and eat the the fruit and veg we grow but we have an apiary producing delicious pure honey.  


I also find it therapeutic to work with the soil, get my hands dirty, feel the sun on my back and do some gentle exercise!  


I am a social worker by profession and have spent the last 10 years working in Africa and Asia in development with International Non Governmental Organisations.  


Joining the Green Gym has been just what I needed to settle me back into life in Liverpool!