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Barbara Snowball

I left Crosby area in 1970 and have moved around a bit.  


For the last 12 years we lived in Wales, at Fairbourne on the beautiful Mawddach estuary. I love the fresh sea air and open spaces. We had ducks, 2 pet ryeland sheep (one was saved from going to the butchers) and 2 golden Guernsey goats. We enjoyed the duck eggs and goat's milk.  


Before moving to Wales I was a secretary with various companies and trained as an Aromatherapist.  I enjoy the essential oils and herbs and everything natural.  I started making my own face/hand creams and soaps.  I couldn't continue with the aromatherapy massaging because I developed carpal tunnel in both wrists.  


We moved back "home" in March 2015, after 45 years.  Most of my family are in Liverpool, Wirral and surrounding areas.

We felt the time was right because we couldn't see as much of the family as we would like, and with their work it was difficult for them to come to Wales.  


We found a nice flat in Wellington Street and it is an amazing location.  Everything is on the doorstep, 3 minutes down the road and you are on the front, with the beautiful gardens (in which I played as a child), the marine lake and the sea, with the bonus of seeing the Welsh hills.  The area has improved since I left it.


I enjoy cycling and walking and some crafts.  I was a member of the Weavers, Dyers & Spinners. I have a small garden here which was reclaimed from enormous brambles.  It is not suitable for vegetable growing but I do have a few herbs.  I had a large garden in Wales and grew veg etc. but because I injured my back 5 years ago I could no longer manage it very well.


I have been coming to the green gym for 4 months.  I was finding out lots about the area and asking questions and someone told me about it.  I enjoy being there very much.  It is ideal because if you can't manage a garden/allotment by yourself you can work alongside friendly people.    The tea and lunch breaks are lovely, we have usually had good weather to sit outside and chat while eating.  


I appreciate the green gym so much, and realise all the hard work put in by a lot of people over the past few years.

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