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The Green Gym is a co-operative allotment group, enabling members to grow organic fruit & vegetables together.


This is a non-profit co-operative voluntary organisation, running a large allotment site. We are a very mixed group. The ethos is to get healthy exercise out in the fresh air, and to promote a working-together environment. We have members from various ethnic backgrounds, young people with learning difficulties, older and retired, and job seekers.


We have a lot of fun, meeting mainly on Wednesdays and Thursdays (from around 10 am) to work and share lunch.


Located at the back of Queensway Allotments in Crosby, we have a large plot with a couple of dozen raised and other beds, two poly tunnels, a small orchard, a fruit cage, and even bee hives and a pond.


All manner of vegetables are grown, from artichokes to zuccini, roots, salads, herbs, legumes, herbs, soft fruits, tree fruits … there’s something for everyone. There are also flower beds, a wildlife fence to attract birds and insects and other interesting features.


Don’t be put off by the word Gym - we don’t do any formal exercise (except once when a TV crew came). We break up the work with stops for drinks and chat (just bring your mug) and lunch and chat.


There is always a lot of chat and laughter when we are working as well. Even if you go home tired, you’ll feel much better for it.


The members are the community. We get great exercise in the fresh air, which is good for morale and for health. We get the satisfaction of building and improving the allotment out of the growing season, then we watch our produce grow from the seeds we plant to the finished food that we share and take home - a world away from the supermarket in taste, in cost & in health!


We have all ages from mums and tots, through middle aged to retired (and all abilities) looking and finding something different to do.


The pavillion has a disabled WC.


Everyone is welcome!

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